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When I watch the goalies in this league, I see nothing but potential. Frazier has potential, Schue has potential...Oh boy.  

Tuesday, July 22
Group A Playoffs
Killa Beez 7, This Leamon's a Lemon 3
We Suck 11, Dirty Angel Sanchez 3
Over 30 Makeup 
Mi Casas es su Casas 8, Schue-Schue for Cocoa Puffs 1
Wednesday, July 23
Group B Playoffs
Slim Schantz 8, Malcolm's X 6
#STFU 6,  Fortune's Cookies 2
Thursday, July 24
Over 30 Makeups
8:00   Mi Casas es su Casas v. #Wtfomgsmhfmlfaglol
9:00   JaJaJaJaJa v. The Incredible Bulk
10:00 Ambros b'fo hos v. The Schueting Gallery

Monday, July 28
Over 30 Makeup
8:00 Schuet Me Dead v. #WtfOmgFmlSmhFagLol 
Tuesday, July 29
A-B Playoffs, Group A
8:00  Killa Beez v. We Suck
9:00  Dirty Angel Sanchez v. This Leamon's a Lemon
Wednesday, July 30
A-B Playoffs - Group B
8:00  Malcolm's X v. Fortune's Cookies
9:00  Slim Schantz v. #STFU


RAIN CHECKER - 305.254.1094 or text 305.282.6845

Tropical Rink Sports is the umbrella organization which hosts Suniland Roller Hockey, Suniland Lacrosse and Miami Vice City Rollers (women's roller derby). These sports hold all events at the rink, which is located adjacent to Palmetto Golf Course on SW 152nd Street, just behind the busway on U.S. 1.

13720 SW 90 Ave., F
Miami FL 33176

Phone: 305-254-1094