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Othon for FIFA president!


In a surprise move late Thursday our very own Othon Cardelle threw his hat into the ring for the presidency of FIFA. As he blazed away from the rink Thursday, he could be heard for miles around..."I believe that I will win. I believe that I will win!"


This Week's Schedule
Tuesday, May 26 
We Have Soria Knuckles 3, Bender? Damn Near Killed Her! 2  
Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo? 5, Between a Roque and a Hard Place 3
Wednesday, May 27
Pass the Dijon, Hold the Maye 5, Carvajal of Shame 3 
Killa Beez 7, The Big Ladowski 6 
****Beez clinch playoff berth  

Thursday, May 28
We Have the Good Shoo 5, One in the Pink, Schue in the Stink 5 (tie) 
I'll Take Strange Names for 100, Alex 5, Armadageddon 5 (tie)  
Drink no Evil-Pino Evil 12, Frazier Ate Mahfood Again 1

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Tropical Rink Sports is the umbrella organization which hosts Suniland Roller Hockey, Suniland Lacrosse and Miami Vice City Rollers (women's roller derby). These sports hold all events at the rink, which is located adjacent to Palmetto Golf Course on SW 152nd Street, just behind the busway on U.S. 1.

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