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Suniland to Dolphins:
"Hands off Madiq!"
In a bizarre day of intense negotiating, the Dolphins have hired Dan Campbell as their new coach. They nearly hand-picked Madiq for the job and Suniland's Chris Frazier was not happy with the move. " Madiq could do a better job than this clown. Madiq has been around tight ends his entire career."
Sources indicate the mood in the Dolphins front office was contentious: "All we could hear behind closed doors was the GM pounding on his desk, yelling the name of his candidate to his secretary - 'Suq Madiq, Suq Madiq!!' " The Dolphins PR department even had a new logo (above) designed in case they had been able to pry Madiq from Suniland's clutches. But negotiations evidently broke down when Madiq started playing hard to get.
During his playing career, Madiq was hard to cover and as a linebacker Madiq could quickly fill any hole. But Suniland's Ryan Burgess said "Madiq was tough to play with because Madiq was somewhat undersized."
Goalie Eric Schue remembered Madiq's attitude: "Sometimes Madiq would like to get dirty; other times Madiq would get manhandled out there. But without a doubt it was always an exhilarating feeling playing with Madiq under the lights."
Burgess also recalled "One time my friend David Bobbitt rubbed Madiq the wrong way...he sure got an earful from Madiq that day."
At the end of the day, the Dolphins chose Campbell and Suniland kept Madiq. Madiq will be "tickled pink" and "welcomed back by everyone who is fond of Madiq," said Chris Perez.    

Tuesday, October 6
8:00  Coon & Friends v. Taurus Killa Beez
9:00  ESPN The Ochoa v. Appalachian Americans   
Wednesday, October 7
8:00  Porterhouse and a Merlo v. Lego My Rego
9:00  Some People Call us Mouriz v. Over the Rivas and through the Woods 
Thursday, October 8
Legends Games & BBQ
8:00   Sticks & Stoned v. A Cespedes for the Rest of Us 
9:00   Bag of Gummy Dicks v. Cost an Armadana Leg
10:00 If the Schue Fits... v. Blackened and Fried 
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Tropical Rink Sports is the umbrella organization which hosts Suniland Roller Hockey, Suniland Lacrosse and Miami Vice City Rollers (women's roller derby). These sports hold all events at the rink, which is located adjacent to Palmetto Golf Course on SW 152nd Street, just behind the busway on U.S. 1.

13720 SW 90 Ave., F
Miami FL 33176

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