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Playoff Schedule
Thursday, March 26
     Over 30
Captain & Nabil 8, You Big Dummy 2
Augie - Oy 7, Cox & Rod in Nick's Ash 4
My Schue in Your Ass 7, I Feel Your Pena 1

Saturday, March 28 - IRONMAN TOURNAMENT
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Monday, March 30
8:00  Coon & Friends v. Fit to be Tied
9:00  Tubby Ainsworth S*it v. Moose Knuckles
Tuesday, March 31
8:00  Coon & Friends v. Tubby Ainsworth Sh*t
9:00  Fit to be Tied v. Moose Knuckles
Wednesday, April 1
8:00  Killa Beez v. Bad Case of Acle
9:00  Aretha's Franklin v. Obiladi Obilada

Thursday, April 2
     Over 30
8:00  Captain and Nabil v. The Schuenited Way
9:00  Augie - Oy v. You Big Dummy

RAIN CHECKER - 305.254.1094 or text 305.282.6845

Tropical Rink Sports is the umbrella organization which hosts Suniland Roller Hockey, Suniland Lacrosse and Miami Vice City Rollers (women's roller derby). These sports hold all events at the rink, which is located adjacent to Palmetto Golf Course on SW 152nd Street, just behind the busway on U.S. 1.

13720 SW 90 Ave., F
Miami FL 33176

Phone: 305-254-1094