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Bets can be placed at Suniland tomorrow after dark; ask for Moose or Rocco.

1. What color of Gatorade will be dumped on Frazier's head after another loss?
     Red        2/1
     Blue       2/1
     Orange  2/1

2. Who will attend more games at Suniland this season?
     Augie     -350
     Buster   -400

3. How many times will Schue call Mickey a 'fat fuck' during the season?
    Over 9.5    - 350
    Under 9.5  +200

4. What happens first? An earthquake at the Super Bowl or the Suniland 
    scoreboard getting fixed?
    Earthquake  -160
    Scoreboard  +2000

5. Which will be longer - The first field goal of the SB or the next  slapshot scored on Tubby?
    FG       +250
    Tubby  -600

6. Which team will win first in the Legends division?
    Augie's Team      -110
    Hernan's Team   -110
    Neither              -1000

7. Which will be greater?
    Number of shots NOT on goal by Johnny Arceo   -300
    Number of Greg Olson receptions                          +450

8. What color underwear will Schue wear next week?
    White                 +350
    Black                 +260
    Brown-stained -1000

9. Which commercial airs first?
    Weight Watchers with Frazier                        +1,000,000
    'How to Play Hockey' with Alfredo Gomez   +1,000,000

10. What will Dave Gaudet yell at Tubby after the first goal next week?
      At least try!                                      10/1
      You haven't made a save all year  50/1
      You're a piece of shit                        2/1

11. Which is the higher total?  # of first quarter safeties or total saves in
      Schue's career?
      Safeties     -1000
      Saves         +600
Tuesday, February 9
8:00   Nelson's Mandela v. Mathematically Still Alive 
9:00   Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood v. Hoping Frazier Doesn't Show 
10:00 Real Coons Wear Pink v. The Immaculate Concepcion  
Wednesday, February 10
8:00  Suq Madiq v. Taurus Killa Beez

Thursday, February 11
8:00   How I Ogled Your Mother v. Nice Draft, Pretty Boy
9:00   Thurston Heller III v. #prayforparis
10:00 Exxon Vazquez v. Worst Team Ever

Thursday, February 4
Exxon Vazquez 4, Thurston Heller, III 3
Drinkin Schuenshine 10, Washington Generals 4
#prayforparis 10, A Ginger and Riley Ann... 5
   BYE - How I Ogled Your Mother 

Rain Checker: Call 305.254.1094 or text 305.282.6845